Acrylic and ink on crinkled Masa paper texture, mounted on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

the flag signals to air born thoughts
gather up your nonsense, it says
take a leap into the wavy textures of a time in flux
a mercury going retrograde

turn the paper and look again
a tree, a sea, a reflection, a bridge
no, an octopus throwing tentacles out to steady himself
not all scrunched up in his rock cave
but branching out into the sea world glistening
connecting, suctioning up some living thing
into the mouth cave, the frothing aperture where all life eventually comes to rest

nothing to fear in that oblivion
just a return to the sea floor
or the eye of some storm

We saw an octopus on our trip, at the aquarium in Newport, Oregon.  A whole stone grotto had been built for him, but the window to his underwater lair revealed only a form shyly hiding in the murky shadows.   Not like the cartoon octopuses with threatening arms capturing their prey.  I wanted to lure him out for a better look, but that happened later in the art!



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