More Oregon sketches

Still in Newport, Oregon, we wandered along the beach frontage looking for dinner and got lucky when we found Cafe Mundo and climbed the stairs to the balcony dining area that overlooked the stage where Open Mic night was about to start.

It was a combination radical art gallery, bohemian/hippy/neighborhood hangout type place where the locals were showing up to share some tunes with a handful of us diners on the balcony above.

Hence the unusual perspective looking down on my subjects.  What could be better. . .and with a key lime pie to sweeten the experience even more!

Next day back on the road and into the inland heat on our way to Portland.  Bob perusing the menu.

More restaurant sketching, in Portland now, in a Lebanese restaurant with the most incredible hummus and big puffy flatbread and lamb skewers and I better stop here cause I’m drooling.

One more day. . .I’ll save to post this weekend.



  1. Your sketches are enviable but also inspiring; I’ll take a small sketchbook on our travels to the Midwest to my husband’s 50th reunion in Madison, Wisconsin; we leave Sept. 10; not home for 2 weeks……..then October is Montana time……….so unfortunately I probably won’t see you until November. I still have about 4 makeups!!!! So I won’t sign up for the Fall season…… long are the makeups good for?


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