A Week in Oregon

Just got back from a week’s vacation in Oregon with my husband.  Not the sit on a beach type.  Rather a full on let’s see how much we can see and do and most importantly eat.  The last part, the eating, afforded not only the chance to taste gastronomic excellence (in Portland) but also to be stationary for a few minutes so that I could do some messy quick sketches in my little 7 X 5″ “Nature Sketch” purse sized sketchbook, which is now wonderfully raggedy and food stained –  as it should be.

Starting out with the airport. . .

Lots of people “posing” in the airport.  I’m sleepy from a 4am rising and can hardly be bothered with neatness, but it seems to revive me to put some lines down. Better than coffee.

Hipsters, rapsters and us oldsters at the Wandering Goat, a coffee/beer bar in Eugene where our son Ben takes us.  Not sure whether it makes me feel younger, hanging with the 20 somethings.  No, probably more like older. I try not to stare at the “colorful” hipsters, but set to work sketching Ben in the dim light over a page I’ve prepared with some stenciled color earlier.

After a brief visit to the university where Ben will be studying and teaching we spend the remainder of our time treating him to some good restaurant food.

Then we escape the heat by driving to the coast and the charming fishing town of Newport, where we devour fish while watching the catch come in below.

Newport is the home of the Rogue brewery so we lunch at the Public House on the Bay where they bring you beer to taste as soon as you sit down at a table!

More of the Oregon trip sketches tomorrow.


One comment

  1. Looks like a great time! I think I will have a cold beer tonight after seeing your sketches! I love to see your sketches again…….


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