Inks and Textures Galore!

August 11 workshop students

Can you see the intensity?!  This group of workshop students set the studio on fire last Saturday with their creative passion for. . .inks and texture, inks on crinkled Masa texture.  Luckily we had the air conditioning to cool us down enough!  Each person went entirely in their own direction with these materials, adding in new approaches and combinations that hadn’t yet occurred to the rest of us. When I have the opportunity I’ll put together a slide show of all the wonderful Masa art that’s been happening in classes the past month.



  1. This was an amazing workshop! What was most impressive to me happened during the show and tell at the end of the workshop. Each piece of art presented by each student was engaging, personal, strong, and insightful. Thank-you all, participants and Susan, for a truly remarkable and memorable experience. Lisa, participant


    1. Wow Lisa! And thank you for sharing your experience. I must say that i had the same reaction to watching everyone presenting their art at the end. Can’t wait to put them in a slide show to share here. But I guess you had to be there to hear the whole process of discovery.


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