inks on crinkled masa paper with masa collage mounted on w/c paper, 10X12″

flying feathers round the fire
a summer’s dance by the bay
where windsurfers jibe and tack
sky splashes into ocean
as waters accept colors from above

the hopi pipes and rattles on
about heaven and earth
blending all that is below with all above

do we need another horizon line
to tie it all down
or shall we float off into an alternate scape

an es-cape
an es-capade?

Wet the Masa paper with water.  Crinkle it up into a ball to break the sizing.  Spread it out and paint on it with watercolor, inks, fluid acrylics.  Sumi ink is good.  Use your pen nibs.  Let it bleed into the fibers of the paper.  Drag your flattened brush over the surface of the wrinkles so it skips and leaves spots of white.  What could be more fun?!  Finally mount it on a sturdy surface like watercolor paper, illustration board or canvas.

Now let it talk to you.


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