Waiting for the World to Change

Stencil fun with sprayed and rollered paint and collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

waiting at the crossroads for the world to change
to be more civil
more evolutionary
and it’s a long wait
a warming wait of the global sort

B civil, meaning
oceans free of toxic messes
life breathing free
eating its fill but not over

i stand at the crossroads waiting
for me to change
a bit more each day, each moment
to be the civil engineer of being
an edifice of civility
each moment a crossed road

We explored all manner of stenciling in the Tuesday Muses this week.  I was using this honeycomb pattern, with layers and layers of sponging and spraying and rollering the paint on, using both sides of the stencil or positive and negative patterns.

When I finished, it suddenly reminded me of the Olympics logo and brought to mind the incivility of some team behavior there – not to mention comments by a certain American dignitary.  The art always speaks in its own voice.  I’m finding that world events are filtering into the art more and more lately, even as I strive for the kind of wisdom and understanding that does not point fingers at others.  I must first be my own engineer of civility.



  1. I love this poem and so many of your paintings. So wish I lived closer. You would inspire me to start to paint – something I dropped 40 years ago! You make it seem fun, and ordinary, no big deal…which is what I need. Love the approach. Thanks for such a wonderful blog!


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