Infinity in a Fountain, Vitality in a Quest

Banner painting with inks, the element FIRE, Osmosis Vitality Quest

One usually associates the word “quest” wither a knight riding off to slay the dragon and liberate the chalice or the Native American vision quest in nature.  Last weekend for the first time ever I led an Art Quest in a beautiful garden sanctuary at Osmosis Day Spa.  It was aptly named “Vitality Quest”, following as it did on several healing and rejuvenating spa treatments.

This didn’t seem the context to be teaching sketchbooking skills that might challenge the participants in a way to disturb the relaxed serenity of massage, sound healing and enzyme baths.  Instead we took the approach of sensory drawing and a bit of painting with inks as well.  The focus on our senses was definitely the place to be on this golden day in a garden bower.

At one point we gazed into the infinity fountain (which you see in the above picture, behind the chairs) and then dipping our fingers into powdered pigments, drew a banner of the element of WATER.

As we hung the banner like a prayer flag under the tent, we were showered with fairy dust (pigment powder) and I had to take this picture. . .

. . .which also reflected the feeling of the day. A vitality quest of any kind always takes place in the context of community.  This is where our art making gets its charge, its passion and vitality.  Art made by hands and hearts joined.  A remarkable day.

And in case you’re wondering, I was the recipient of a massage and sound healing in the hammock garden and box lunch prepared by Ceres and the signature teas served by loving staff at Osmosis Day Spa in Freestone, CA.  And there are more Vitality Quests scheduled this year with other teachers, in case want to try it out yourself.


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