More self portrait fun

Collage and acrylic on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Shhh! Hold it.  No need to jab
your hand in my face
tell me to take up arms
I’ve been to battle every day  

My spiked crown bears witness
my square jaw demands
my pursed lips pursue  
they hold on and resist  

Yet what is the point?
the round must be squashed
to become the square
. . .or must it?

Do you recognize this face? It’s mine! or at least one of the many faces.  When I decided months ago to try self portraiting with the Muse Groups I was looking for a way to bypass the vanity factor that many of us share – the not wanting to look too closely in the mirror and copy what’s there.  To begin with I’d have to use a magnifying mirror to see much detail and I’m sure I would not want to reproduce the detail I saw there.  Don’t get me wrong.  I would far rather paint an older person with “character” in their face than a smooth young one. But my own?

So I decided this time to go so far into the caricature aspect of self portraiting that the resemblance to me would begin to disappear and the comical aspect would take over.  The Muses last weekend embraced this approach with such generosity of spirit and virtuosity of talent that I am creating a slide show to share their results. Soon coming. Stay tuned.

The instructions were to take a dramatic and preferably silly or strongly emotive (any emotion would do) pose and take a picture of it, alter it with Photoshop or Photo Booth filters, and print it out, preferably in black and white so that it could be used as a pattern for collage or painting.  I took the picture above using the “Stretch” effect in Photo Booth (on my Mac computer). Then just glued the print of the picture onto the w/c paper and started collaging and painting.


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