Girl Talk

Inks, collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

she’s a swinger, poised and ready
beak sharpened from girl talk
legs glossy with sunscreen
world ordered and smooth

but the wheels turn her
toward the land of air born musings
barbed fantasies to catch
and scrape and gash

the picture of prettiness works in the frame
but must be abandoned in flight

This is another demo from the Dominican U. retreat workshop.  I believe the torso of this shape shifter is Horus, Egyptian falcon god of (among other things) the sun and sky.  Not that I had anything in mind when I glued the collage piece on except to fill the empty space.

But then it did seem to me that this girl with the satiny legs needed to be freed from this pose, which reminds me of a picture of myself at 13 years old sitting on the piano bench posing demurely, if reluctantly for my father to take a picture before the recital which I dreaded.  I probably even had on one of those awful garter belts and nylon stockings.  Remember?

In art one gets to employ someone like the god who lights up the sky each day to help out in such a tight situation.  So in the next frame, which I didn’t illustrate, except in words, she flies off the swing, out of the frame to some greater freedom.  Happy ending.


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