the timelessness of childhood

acrylic and image transfer on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

What did you do as a child that created timelessness, that made you forget time? 

There lies the myth to live by.

-Joseph Campbell

There’s something about summertime that takes us back to childhood timelessness.  Those lazy days of summer.  Not so lazy anymore, but still evoking memories of timelessness.  Art is a good way to enter back into the mythological child non-time.

Yesterday I had a full house in the art room at Rileystreet Art Supply in Santa Rosa where I demonstrated painting with my hands (the underpainting anyway) and transferring images using clear contact paper.

Here I’m rubbing the paper pulp off the back of the contact paper while answering a question.  These demos are always a group effort at creation.  People give me ideas and I try them out.  One person told me that you can buy a matte finish clear contact paper!  So now I’m on the hunt for that, to reduce the shine on the surface of the transfer so it matches the rest of the page better.

I just updated my workshop page on my website with the dates for the new series of Muse Groups starting this fall.  Check it out.  And there’s still one space open in the Tuesday afternoon Muse Group starting next Tues. July 17.


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