Cheep, Cheep

Andrew with our new baby chick

Oh, the bliss of baby chicks!  It’s been a couple of years since we introduced some new members into our flock.  Nighttime predators had reduced their numbers to only two and Bob started complaining about the paucity of eggs.  So with Andrew at home to help socialize the babies (which he’s quite well suited for) we decided to go chick shopping today.

Now my studio is filled once again with cheep cheeping.  We brought home a Silver Laced Wyandotte, and pairs of two breeds we haven’t had before – Delawares (like the one above) and Speckled Sussex – 5 total (though I may add a couple more tomorrow).  They are about 2 days old and so sweet – happy to be held and snuggle into your palm or folds of clothing and fall asleep instantly.



  1. Hi Susan! At my workplace at the innergarden we have a little Seagulchicken, it is brown and black spotted, and the mum is sitting a meter abowe and whatching fore enemies. ;o)

    Ps It was very nice meeting you and attend in your muse group. :oD Ds

    Best regards /Lola


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