Color Me Blue

acrylic and Derwent dark wash pencil on gesso coated w/c paper, 10 X 11″, (Sunday Muse Demo)

color me blue
take me to the skies
a cloud crossing a heart shaped moon

color me el viento (the wind)
sighing the skies with fluttering pollens

color me shards of ice
poking up and out

color me the seas
rearing up wave horses
tossing wet manes

color me rippling waters
fierce tides

color me blue

A favorite Muse Group lesson now – COLOR!  Last weekend we used Bob Burridge’s Goof Proof Color Wheel to get some jazzy color combos. This one is Dominant color: Blue (ultramarine), Focal point: Yellow, Spice color: yellow. . .but then that’s rather obvious!

The connection with the wind, “el viento”, was a reflection of the weather here lately.  Lots of wind blowing pollens around and causing all manner of sneezing, red eyes and drippy noses.  And elsewhere, the fires too.  Just a gentle breeze now, but hot hot hot!

I’m off to camp today, so I’ll “see” you back in a week.  Hope you’re enjoying the end of spring!

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