Solar Eclipse Musings

6:30pm yesterday, the solar eclipse projected on my studio wall, photo by Bob Cornelis

It was the end of a week of some mighty fine art making with my 3 different Muse Groups when Mother Nature eclipsed us all with these magnificent moments of fractured light.

I had raced outside with my pin holed paper, knowing that it is dangerous to look directly at a solar eclipse, and wondering how one can “see” it.  And there it was across the entire length of our house and my studio and even into the garden and onto the grasses below in the orchard –  crescents of light dancing, thousands of them as the sky became darker and yet more brilliant at the same time, and all the birdsong stopped.  Bob ran for the camera of course, and was rewarded for his efforts.

Some of the Muse art anticipated the eclipse event such as these two:

powdered graphite, acrylic inks and collage by Muse Isabelle

by Muse Phyllis

I’ll be sharing more about the adventures with powdered graphite  in the next post!


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