A Progression

acrylic inks, gesso, image transfer on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

a procession, a progression, a passage
of pharoahs, of sun gods and goddesses
of noble men and women
carrying the wisdom and wealth of centuries

into the green wave of nature’s extravagence
not stopping to wonder
is this the right way?

acknowledging only the inevitable,
change and forward movement,
wedding past with all futures.

trudging past the dark door
noticing but not stopping
each carrying a staff
sacred symbol of immortality

a funeral procession to remind us
not to miss a single flutter
of butterfly wings

This art journaling process is all about allowing the instincts to drive the art.  So one picks images for reasons that are often beyond rational explanation.  And then writes about what one sees and possibly makes some connections that have personal meaning.  In this case, the image of the procession of pharoahs and the dark door appeared initially to be a strange one for me, especially on a beautiful spring afternoon spent with my wonderful Tuesday Muse Group friends.

But the next day the meaning became crystal clear as I was speaking with my 93 year old mother.  She stands bright in spirit yet fragile in body on the doorstep of the dark door, wondering how it will be opened to her, sharing her bewilderment and occasional glimpses of what is beyond.  As her daughter I stand these days looking over her shoulder, hoping to get a glimpse of this great mystery with her.



  1. Yes, I second the comment above. You use both “progression” and “procession”, as in a ceremonial or religious parade. Then I saw it as “precession”, as in precession of the equinoxes, the slow appearance and disappearance of stars in the sky, which reminded me of our lives. The stars of old still exist, but are in different locations. Precession comes from the root meaning “going forward.” It’s rich, deep art journaling. You continue to amaze and inspire.


    1. The word precession is a new one for me, and your explanation is intriguing. I find that most of these art pieces continue to unlock meaning over time. Thanks for always offering comments that take understanding deeper and reveal new allusions.


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