graphite powder, acrylic inks and gesso, collage on w/c paper

save me from the little tribes
the us and them tribes
that say who can’t marry who
that make you take up a gun to defend them

give me those sisters and brothers
in the bigger family
to link arms with
to cluck and strut together

to head off somewhere
not knowing precisely where
trusting that we’ll find the way
. . .together

the kind of tribe we need
with mixed up colors and open doors.

We did a brand new lesson in Tuesday Muse Group yesterday, playing with graphite powder, mixing it up with acrylics and collage.  Not like stirring it into a soup, but more like making a cake with it and then icing the cake with acrylics.

Honestly, the spring garden has been so intoxicating lately that we had to start out by visiting the Pipe Vine Swallowtail caterpillars under the apple tree where they’re fattening themselves up quite nicely on the leaves.  And then the students took the graphite powder and paper out to sit in the garden and translate all that dizzying activity of buds and butterflies and buzzing to the paper.

I didn’t actually do this piece outside, but got to use this image of the three farm women with hens under their arms, which I have been saving. . .I am in a mother’s group and this is exactly how it feels being with the mothers, talking about our chickens, both the fowls and the young’uns who have been heading off to college.  Shoulder to shoulder we’ve shared years of kids’ school, college apps, graduations, health crises, family deaths, and so much more. . .this is the kind of tribe I can sign up for.  I was thinking of all the nations’ flags with different colored stars and wanting them all on my flag.


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