Self portraits in Tuesday Muse Group

acrylic, collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

if i sit and watch
eyes drawn to the shapes of earth
greening, starting over
pondering the tiniest bud
if i just sit and wait
will i catch that smallest unfurling
get to keep it
as an ornament for my indoor life
where mind keeps tracking muddy footprints
on the floor of my inner house

All I want to write about these days of spring intoxication is what’s happening in the garden.  This is the season when I most envy the birds, oh and the bees and the butterflies and definitely the cats. . .

But after I’d written this piece, identifying with the persona of this portrait, I realized that I’d missed an important point.  I left the hair white.  Aha!  Funny thing, I’d just had this conversation with my husband about when I thought I’d be ready for the conversion from my youthful reddish brown hair color (courtesy now of L’Oreal) to the silvery color which lurks below. He’s already a distinquished silver haired gentleman.  But I think I’ll wait a few more years. . .

The process we followed in class was this:

1.  Pose in front of the Photo Booth camera on your Mac computer and use the comic strip filter.  Ham it up a bit if possible (this pose is not particularly ham-y though).  Size it to fit your paper and print it out.  Alternately use a picture from another source, copied onto plain paper.

2.  Glue it onto your painting surface or trace and transfer if you have time.  Collage and paint using the print as a kind of loose guideline.

Not everyone finished, but here’s a couple students examples which inspired me with ideas for next time.

by Muse Barbara (Isn’t she maaaarvelous!)

by Muse Carol (Wowy zowy!)



    1. Dear Susan, Have you tryed useing one of those iPods which a have a painters program, they had them available at the De Young museum for the public to try, I made a self portrait , as we were encouraged to , and really enjoyed it.


      1. No, not at the De Young, but they have a self portrait center set up at the Oakland Museum and you draw with your finger on the tablet and it gets projected on the wall in a frame. Very cool. But I’ll check it out at the De Young next time I’m there for sure.


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