Jujubird, King of the Color Wheel

acrylic on w/c paper, 10 X 11″, color lesson demo

a juju bird is not concerned with questions about the meaning of life

he has no checkbooks to balance, no lists to remember, no vitamins to take

no calls to make, except for the one that ricochets through the canopy

announcing his love for one dame of slightly less colorful, yet equally regal attire 

he will do his swoop and strut dance

she will remain unimpressed

and I  will watch awestruck in my worn blue jeans and sneakers.

Last Tuesday’s Muse Group was the much anticipated color lesson. So I pulled out my Robert Burridge color wheel and shared enough simple color theory to launch us on our art journal pieces for the afternoon.  Dominant color (yellow green), focal point color (purple), spice colors (red and blue).  A lot of this and a little bit of those, and some neutrals mixed with white and there you go – what could be easier?!  I think everyone felt more on top of the whole color game by sticking to these principles- a great relief when you’ve been painting yourself repeatedly into those boring, tight corners. . .

It was supposed to be abstract, but wouldn’t you know it – a bird appeared.  They follow me everywhere.  I looked up Jujubird to see if it exists. Juju actually means bird in Hindi, so I guess it’s a bit redundant – bird bird.  In a state in India there’s a bird locally known as Jujurana, the king of birds (juju=bird, rana=king)!

Juju bird, king of the color wheel!


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