Spring Nonsense

Acrylic, reclaimed paintings, pen on w/c paper

some kind of spring nonsense
blooms from the debris of old paintings
left as compost
now reclaimed as silly flower faces

isn’t that what nature does

throws us out to molder in the ground
resurrects us later for its own purposes

say hello little faces
you’ve been given another chance 

We’re all entitled to a bit of nonsense now and again.  It’s such a relief, isn’t it? It’s the way art heals, connects us with the absurdity of living with the illusion of control.

I cut out these collage pieces from the blank side of the paper with no theme in mind (in the Muse group’s Reclaiming Old Paintings lesson).  Tadpoles appeared and then morphed into flower faces.  I did this a month ago, but thought it way too silly to post on the blog.  Silly girl!

The apple blossoms are just starting to pop, and I saw my first Pipevine Swallowtail butterflies this week.  Soon there will be those silly little black caterpillars with the orange polka dots fattening up on the Pipevine. . . makes me want to sit down in the garden and giggle.


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