Flight of the Albatross

acrylic and collaged “reclaimed” paintings on w/c paper

flight of the albatross

and he lingers from time to time
in daybright and moontide
observing what passes for earthly life below

buildings lean into the wind
uprooted by tornadoes
carried off to distant places
where storm clouds gather again
and disgorge
and then again

sunshine and baked earth
a new scape revealed
with parts of others’ lives added on


Dream landscapes are like that, with strange add ons that must have been left there by someone else, in some other time or place.  And we’re left to try to figure it all out.

I took some painting “starts”-  I have lots of them – and used one for the base surface, cutting up two others arbitrarily, or rather instinctively (same thing), and then arranging them in a playful way (emphasis on play).  We often do this at the end of a Muse Group series, a good way to reclaim the paintings that might otherwise go in the trash or at the bottom of a pile to make us feel guilty for not finishing them.

Now the pieces I didn’t use are calling to me.  There’s no actual finishing – ever. And that’s a good thing because it draws us back into the art again and again.



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