March Newsletter

“Nested”, acrylic and (transparency film/wet gel) image transfer on w/c paper 10 X 10″

The Nature Image Transfer workshop landed three days before the spring equinox.  I had prepared lots of nature images ready to transfer in the workshop.  In my demos though I gravitated immediately toward using the nests. . . something to do with spring/eggs/blooms/rebirth.

In this piece I transferred prints made on transparency film with an ink jet printer.  It’s an immediate transfer process using soft gel, not as reliable as the dry gel method, but with some advantages.

The latest issue of my Imagine With Art Newsletter is out.  Enjoy!



  1. This piece is truly magical, and I’m fascinated with the results or your image transfer. I need to learn how to do this. I work with fabric and paper collage and a lot of hand stitching on the surface. I can see how transfer images would expand my work. Thanks for sharing. You can see some of my work @


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