The Art of a Thousand Words

Alemany Library, Dominican University, 50 Acacia Ave, San Rafael, CA

What?!  Another art show? Yep, it’s been a busy month.  Yesterday we hung this show at Dominican titled “The Art of a Thousand Words:  The Integration of Text and Visual Images”.  I am one of three artists participating and there is an Interactive Art Wall for students and others visitors to participate.  The show is hung in the Mezzanine gallery of the Alemany Library right outside the halls with classrooms, and it’s sponsored by the Dept. of English in celebration of National Poetry Month.

You’re invited to stop by any time until May 12 – university libraries are open long hours -and also to attend the opening reception this Wednesday, March 21, 5-7pm when there will also be readings by the Dominican Writers Guild and an open mic.

Mixing words with image is something I’ve been doing in Imagine With Art workshops for years and especially in the art journaling of the Muse Groups.  We do intuitive painting and collage first and then free writing using the art as a writing “prompt”.  I am shy about calling what I do poetry when I am surrounded by so many gifted poets, and so honored to be included in the show.

This summer I’m looking forward to teaching an art workshop in The Healing Art of Writing: A Conference and Writing Workshop retreat at Dominican.


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