Under the Influence of Tennessee’s Woman, an art show

My piece “Lady of Whispers” at the opening reception of the show at 6th St. Playhouse

Just got back from the opening of the show where about 30 local artists, most of whom I know and revere, are showing their art which relates in theme to the woman in Tennessee Williams plays.  Along with some fabulous food and wine, and a really impressive collection of figurative art for sale, there was an honoring of women in history and in particular in arts.

Artists Marylu Downing and Donna DeLaBriandais pictured here, have paintings in the show.  If you want to stop by 6th St Playhouse just to see the show, which is in the lobby, the gallery will be open 1-4pm, Tues. – Friday at 52 West 6th St., Santa Rosa, CA

Or get tickets for the plays and see the art in the intermission.  I might have to do that myself and then paint another TW woman! For more information about The Tennessee Menagerie and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof go to 6th St. Playhouse website.


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