Stretching Into Dawn with the Animus

acrylic and “reclaimed paintings” collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

an auspicious beginning to this day saturated with dawn’s colors

rising up from unfurled petals he picks up his palette and pronounces his intention –

to paint the hours away, to move his brushes to the rhythm of breezes and bird song, to coat his canvas with morning fog and midday warmth, floating on the dappled shade, baking in the sun’s rays.

he stretches wide, breathes belly deep, throws arms out wide and begins. . .

My birthday is today and last night I had a visit from my Animus, that representative of the creative unconscious parts(in a woman) according to Carl Jung.  At any rate a guy showed up, a kind of perfect male counterpart to me.  Probably a little shove from the unconscious to give it a bit more attention.

This piece was one from a Muse Group lesson a week ago in reclaiming old paintings, and as I sat down to post it here today the connection with the dream became clear!  A birthday present from the unconscious, how divine!



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