Nests Galore

There was a knock on the studio door on Saturday while the workshop was going on.  We all looked up to see a man I recognized as my tree cutter, and he had a box (one of two) filled with nests!  Last time he’d done some tree work for us I’d asked him to keep an eye out for nests, since I collect them, little imagining the bonanza he would bestow on me.  It now looks like there must be a flock of birds living in my studio with nests on shelves and in corners.

We were busy collaging when he arrived and took some moments to appreciate the art of the nests builders, finding dried leaves, grasses, thread, lint, lichen, and more, artfully woven into the nests.

So as always happens, the serendipitous event resulted in an immediate art journal piece, which was finished on Tuesday.

Acrylic, collage, ink on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

I had a print of a picture I’d taken of a nest a couple years ago – cut that out and collaged.  Painted some more, scribbled with the ink dropper with quick, bird like movements and Voila!  my art nest.  Hmmm.  Looks like it might have a hole in the bottom or a fire under it.  That’s it.  Got to keep that art fire burning.

Speaking of birds and such, the Feathers and Fur art show at the Healdsburg Center for the Arts, 130 Plaza st., Healdsburg, CA is open now until April 2.  I have two “feathered” paintings in the show.  HOpe you can join me at the opening reception tomorrow March 2, 5-7pm.


  1. I absolutely love your collaged nest, and the ink lines and paint floating away from it provide both integration and a wonderful sense of surrealism. Beautiful!


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