Correspondance With Imago Amore

acrylic, image transfer, collage, stamps, stamping on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

To:  Imago Amore Jr., Innocence, USA

From:  Me, 2012

Take me back to a time when the world was simpler and I knew how to be playful and free and had time to hold bunnies with eyes wide open in wonder, an eternal stretch of springtime.

                                                                               With loving affection, Your 61 year old self

We corresponded with the Beloved in his/her various forms in the Tuesday Muses last week. Ever read Nick Bantock’s Griffin and Sabine trilogy?  Like that,  art letters that are sent by neither snail post nor email, but go right to the heart of it.

The bunny part is about those few moments I allow myself to stand and talk to Coco, the bunny at Laguna Farms where I pick up our local, farm grown produce each week. Always in a hurry to get my errands done, it is a treat I allow myself, if only briefly.

Here’s the answer that came (note the swordsman stamp):

To:  You, 2012

From:  Imago Amore Jr., Innocence, USA

I give you wildness, fertility and speed.  My womb is full of eggs, the possibilities of which I cannot imagine.  There are no enemies I cannot vanquish.  Cuddle me if you must, but I run wherever my innocence takes me.

                                                                                          Hugs from your Imago Amore Jr.



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