Color Me Green

acrylic on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Green.  The color of hospital walls, grass, jealousy, and nausea.  I hope I’m not making you sick!  Just another little self portrait in the series.  I traced a Photo Booth picture (with the comic book filter, printed out black and white from my Mac computer) and using transfer paper, copied the main lines onto a gessoed paper surface.  Lots of green and some complementary red to POP it.  I think I’m getting a bit seasick just looking at it!



  1. This looks fabulous!!! Kind of reminds me of a self-portrait I did of myself with red hair….well, I wanted to know what I´d look like with red hair without really dying it red so I painted myself with red hair and used this same yellow green ….it remains hidden in a big pile of watercolors………maybe I should get it out??
    P.S. I never did dye my hair red…maybe it was the yellow green that did it.


  2. WOW!! This is soooo fabulous! I love the wonderful, long fingers on your hand. I never seem to get hand gestures right. What a fun way to do a self-portrait.


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