A Peek at Four Hands Painting

a portion of Trojan Horse by Suzanne Edminster and Susan Cornelis

Just a peek for now, because this Four Hands Painting collaboration is in process, but richly and fruitfully, and will be ready for public view soon!  In fact, the first series of this collaborative painting project will be exhibited at the Phantom IV Gallery , 9077 Windsor Rd, Windsor, CA from March 2-April 1 with an opening celebration March 10, 5-8.

We pass the canvases back and forth while painting together.  We annotate, record, discuss and reconfigure the paintings at each turn.  Here’s what I wrote in my journal after the first collaborative painting session with Suzanne.

A mad hatters party, a case of mirror neurons bombarding synapses, of ideas skipping over previously imagined boundaries. What boundaries?  There was only excitement, faith in the process, and the bungie jump of brush in hand, clock ticking and no plan of where to put the next brush load so as not to ruin the other person’s fresh beginning.  Gulp.  Jump.  Weeeee!

Here’s one more peek of a part of a painting in process:

For more peeks, visit Suzanne’s blog.

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