Happy Valentine!

acrylic, Citrasolv paper collage, stencils, on w/c paper, 10  X 11″, Tuesday Muse Group demo

Love is a maze of associations colored by time and the erosion of a story once told, once painted brightly with characters who walk across the pages of days burdened with sadness and lifted by humor. 

Hold up your heart and wave it about to catch the attention of all who would dwell in the past or languish in an imagined future.  We are too colorful to live the drab life of contstant memory dwelling. 

The ink of the past has dissolved and set loose a rainbow.

This piece was so abstract that my mind was led to the reading of the National Geographic magazines,  which one uses to create these marvelous Citrasolv papers by splattering the pictures with this concentrated cleaner.  There are always images of peoples and settings around the world and one is drawn into their world briefly.  Yet the inks dissolve in the process, turning what is sometimes a troubling world situation into a phantasmagoria of color and texture.  Would that it were so easy to transform human suffering.  Ah, but art helps.


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