A Week of Drip Creatures

“Chickhound”, inks and gesso on w/c paper, 10 X 11″, demo for Tuesday Muse Group

It’s been a week of Drip Creatures.  First in the Tuesday Muse Group where we did Cave Painting and made up fantasy creatures, like this one.  You wet the paper, dropper the inks on, plop some gesso on in a blob, run a comb or roller through it, tip the paper up and let it drip down to make legs.  Voila!  A creature from the deep lagoon of your imagination.

“Chisquito”, inks, gesso, w/c paper, demo for WASCO meeting

On Thursday at the demo for the Watercolor Association of Sonoma County (WASCO) this creature made an appearance and was immediately named a “Chisquito”, combination of a Chiuhuahua and Mosquito, by a person in the group.  Who am I to say different, even if I do see a bit of fish in there?

“Aerochick”, Rileystreet Art Supply, San Rafael, CA demo

And then on Saturday I was demonstrating again, this time at an Art Supply store,  inks and gesso, and “Aerochick” flew in.  Now I have quite a collection.  Have you tried this yet?  It’s really fun.



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