The Painting Collaboration Continues

Acrylic on canvas, 24″x24″  by Susan Cornelis and Suzanne Edminster

If this painting has an ephemeral quality, then that’s because it is, or rather was, and is no more.  Or rather it still is, but is in the process of transformation, by not one, but two sets of artists’ hands, Suzanne’s and mine as we pass it back and forth.  And yes, we are painting simultaneously in the same studio listening to the same music and sharing our thoughts and images as they appear to us and exclamations of delight and our Oops!es

We each see ourselves manifest in the strokes we apply, as our personalities are revealed, but then suddenly it’s not so clear. Am I the subtle, soft edged, “spiritual” one or the passionate mark maker who creates visual excitement at every turn?  Ahh, but I am both and so is Suzanne as we pass paintings back and forth, giving permission to each other to go with whatever change feels right.

A wild horse appears in the painting above and later an ancestral type figure with white hair, and later yet again a horse.

This is round four of painting I believe. . .and there will be more. . .

Take a look at another one evolving, unfolding, spreading wings and raising questions on Suzanne’s blog.


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