Color Me Yellow: Self Portrait

acrylic on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

In the Tuesday Muse Group this week we focused on color, which is a rather direct way to connect with feeling, sensory experience, and those sticky wickets of personal associations.  Like why is red your favorite color? or blue, or why do you have such a distaste for purple.  When we did the free write about our pieces I suggested we start with “Color me ____(whatever color we’d chosen as the predominant one in the piece” and continue from there.  I chose Red and will post that one tomorrow.

But then I got the idea to try coloring myself different colors, using the same source picture as the collage self portrait I posted last week (taken at my computer using Photo Booth with a comic book filter).  Starting with. . .Yellow.  So Yellow turned out to be almost a teenager, with attitude.  Note the protruding lower lip.  Of course while painting, I was frustrated about something that had happened earlier, aggravated really, so that may be why Yellow stuck her lip out.

So now I’m curious about Blue.



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