More Collaboration Warm Ups

10 X 11″ acrylic/ink on w/c paper, a quick start by Suzanne Edminster

As promised, (though a bit behind schedule) here are some more collaborative warm up paintings from last weekend.  We picked a color scheme and materials approach and then used a timer to keep from getting too “serious”.   But of course then were faced with that moment of “Oh, how can I possibly mess with this wonderful fresh beginning!”  But we’d given each other full permission to take it off into whatever weeds we discovered in the 10 minutes we had to finish.  So ten minutes later, here’s what this one became. . .

“finish” by Susan Cornelis

So as you can see, we were having fun!

“start” by Suzanne Edminster

This one was so wonderfully tree like and I was adding branches and roots, until I saw the face, and then I had to go with that.

“finish” by Susan Cornelis

Remember Blue Beard of the folk tale/myth?  Here he is and seems a good match for the fella above.  Am I cracked or what? OK, now I’m ready to get serious, but not too much hopefully.



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