A Collaboration Begins

Fellow artist Suzanne Edminster swept into my studio on Saturday morning as we’d planned, her spectacular mane of hair already escaping enthusiastically from it side slung binding.  We were ready to proceed with our long awaited painting Collaboration project.  What would happen if we did a series of paintings side by side, passing them back and forth until the result was . . .well we had yet to find out what would come of it.  And we always had the out that we wouldn’t have to show anybody.

Susan and Suzanne

But since we’re both inveterate bloggers who have at least as much reverence for the process of painting as for the product, we cannot resist inviting you into our space of discovery.  It was frankly a bit of magic on the process end.  I long ago discovered that it is more fun and that I am more creative/productive/daring in my painting when in a group, which is partly why I enjoy teaching so much.  Add to that the brash delight of setting aside one’s cumbersome art ego for a while and plunging into the pure stream of shared creative expansion.

As we were painting I was reminded of what I’d read about mirror neurons, referred to as such by scientists.  Apparently there are patterned circuits within the brain through which we actually see and feel as others. We can attribute our ability to acquire culture, language, empathy for others, etc. to these mirror neurons.  Well I think something happened where Suzanne and I started channeling each others painterly thoughts and borrowing each others’ visions.  It felt to me like another layer of art making opened up and became accessible to me, at least for a little while.

Our first efforts on paper were quickly executed and highly invigorating.  I’ll post some tomorrow, but meanwhile check out Suzanne’s blog for some of our favorites.





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