A Wild Ride

Ink, Acrylics and collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Ready for a wild ride? well, where are we going? out to the brink, up on the edge, onto the roller coaster or maybe the stage – anywhere wings and sure feet are needed, with nets and fire hoses below?

Is there any reason not to jump, not to dance the wild dance until the girl turns herself into a prancing deer with wild senses tuned?

Not for me the usual parade of days with clock ticking relentlessly in static watch time.  Put me in the tumbler and shake and watch what comes out the other side, with perked ears and sharpened horns.

Last month I got to see Kneehigh’s production of The Wild Bride Berkeley Repertory Theatre and was totally transported to some wildly wonderful and gruesome and hilarious and romantic and etc etc places which only the very best theatre experience can do!  So, cutting up the playbill, and adding an assortment of loosely associated images, I got to dive back into that experience.  Of course I’m not normally one to voluntarily go on wild rides, but isn’t that what imagination is for?


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