Horse Power

“Horsepower 1″, acrylic on w/c paper, 10 X 10”

I don’t especially like to think of myself as a “romantic” painter, but somehow horses inspire the romance in me.  Must be an adolescent girl holdover.

I really tried, but nothing could save me from romanticizing this one.  Maybe I just need to accept this. Even the edginess with color can’t disguise my anthropomorphizing tendencies.  I remember the girl who lived down the street from me when I was 10.  Her room was filled with pictures of horses and when she wasn’t at the stables she was sketching pictures of horses.  I thought it quite excessive and strange, but truly, aren’t they the most extraordinary of creatures?!

I looked up Horse in my Animal Speak book by Ted Andrews. And here’s a part that peaked my interest: “If a horse has shown up in your life, it may be time to examine aspects of travel and freedom within  your life.  Are you feeling constricted?  Do you need to move on or allow others to move on?  Is it time to assert your freedom and your power in new areas?”

If you are reading this blog posting, then this applies to you!  Personally, since I’ve just sent both my boys back to college this month (“allowing others to move on”) I certainly qualify for the “aspect of freedom within my life” part.  Now I just have to figure out where travel fits in!


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