Sister Power

poured acrylics, “skins” and other collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Sisters standing in a gaggle gossiping. But what they really want to talk about is how wet the ice is this winter, and have you heard the polar bears are stuck on their mini ice floes with no where to go.

Let’s come up with a plan, says Hilda.  We’re not stuck here after all, says Helen.  We have wings and can see where the wind takes us.  We will stick together and survive by our wits, paying attention to the signs, in the air, the clouds, the sun, the breath of the wind.

That’s what happens when you team up with the right people (or swans) – you don’t need to stay stuck.  You’ve got help to figure it out. And that’s how it felt yesterday in the Muse Group with all that collective art power.  We dribbled and poured acrylics, mixing them with acrylic medium to make them flowy and maintain the plasticity.

I’ll be putting together another video of the spectacular student work to post here.

Muse Marilyn shared a really fun word designing website with us.  Have you tried Wordle?  It plays around with text and spits it out in intriguing designs you can print out, cut up, glue on, or whatever.

And there’s one space left in the Tuesday Muse Group which starts next week, if you think you’d like to join in.



  1. Love the gossiping gaggle. They’re well-outfitted in their black webbed feet. Their backs look very slick, like they’re gearing up to do some serious slide-dancing.

    I have used Wordle for word clouds. It’s a fun tool.


  2. Love the gossip. Wodle is great, too. In fact, Cloth/Paper/Scissors has a whole page dedicated to similar sites in this issue. If you are uncertain about taking the Muse classes, don’t miss out! Not sure when I’ll be back but I know I will.


      1. It’s in the January/February magazine, I’m afraid. I’m not familiar with their web site to see if it’s duplicated somewhere there.


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