An Art Birthday Party

I went to a birthday party yesterday, and it was in my art studio!  A good friend and student of mine invited her family and friends to an art playshop (which I led) where we painted to music and made ink Rohrshachs and collages.

by Bettina, watercolor and collage on w/c paper

Having not so long ago myself turned 60 I know what an important milestone this is for Bettina, an exciting and hopeful one.  This piece she did yesterday invites us along on that journey into the coming decade.  No further words are needed with such powerful imagery.  Happy Birthday Bettina!



  1. The art party was so special and what a treat to find my piece up on the blog! Thanks for making the art process fun for all of us. It was a great way to celebrate with people I love. Thank you, Susan.


  2. Later in the night after the art party, I did a “free-write” in response to the art piece. Here it is:

    Jan. 2, 2012: Birthday Party

    My eyes gaze upward, my face & body calm…who am I? You know me – the one who waits and contemplates. Time is moving onward, forward, and yet there is a reflection backward.

    Past & future meeting in this one present moment – a bridge, map, a guide to take me deeper into the silence of time. The moment when time slows and I can peer in, or is it out? Up and down, inside and out, all can be reversed. What is real? Who knows. Nothing is quite as it appears, yet time will move on, as evidenced by my life, my family and friends: all grow older.

    So map, please guide me into this next universe, this next chapter of my life. And please be kind. Let my loved ones stay with me.


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