Bluebird Sings

acrylic and collage on canvas, 12 X 12″

This time of year I love to grab my pruning shears and get out there with the bird song and trim back the bushes.  The bird feeder empties out every other day, so there’s an abundance of feathered friends all day.  And Phil the cat, who is an “outdoor cat”, appreciates the company when I’m gardening.  He situates himself as close as possible so that I have to be watchful that I don’t cut off his tail in the process of vigorous pruning, and all the while purring or meowing loudly.



  1. I really like this one! Alas our bird feeder started attracting rats! So I’m slowly stopping the seed. I wish our feeder had this sharp beaked wonder to keep the pest away.


  2. i just spotted the blue birds today from the kitchen window …
    a sweet flash of masculine chromium blue to brighten a somewhat shadowy day …
    was the female still hibernating or just being coy somewhere near?
    i do not know …


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