Putting the year to bed

acrylic applied with roller, brush and stensil,  pen on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Hear that clock ticking its way toward the new year?  Spirit Bear is not concerned about the passage of time.  He knows how to “chill”, to go with the flow, to find his salmon, to nap on the mossy banks with a full round belly, to hibernate when the weather gets too chill.

Sounds appealing to me this week, now that the Christmas rush is over.  Let’s take long naps and put this year to bed, taking the example of bears and plants. Next year is time enough to hop on all those resolutions.  For now, just cozy in.



  1. i love your results with the clock templates … i’m going to curl up with this bear right now – my faximile of him is the big brown/paisley sofa in our sitting room … there’s already been too much busyness for a time when rest is called for so i’ll follow this lead and let the body do what it needs – curl up, drift and dream until dinner … Happy New Year! muriel


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