Where Trolls Live

Acrylic, collage on canvas, 12 X 12″

I was thinking troll sisters or brothers as I painted this.  Might come from having lived in Norway many years ago, where trolls are quite commonplace.  I mean, just take a walk through a forest or in the mountains there and you will see all manner of supernatural folk.

It was a long time ago that I was there though, so I Googled “Where Trolls Live”, and sure enough, there were tree holes pictured, so I’m not just imagining this.  My trolls like to play music on antique instruments like Lutes and Tyssefloyter (a version of the soprano recorder played exclusively by folk of the underworld and shepherd boys). They’re in there right now around the fire.  Can you hear them?



  1. Wonderful! I agree with Gretel; your words add a playfulness to your posts. I hope these are “good” trolls, and not the kind to live under bridges and do evil mischief.


  2. i identify with the winter cold, the need to bundle up and find a warm places to crawl into like the firey interior landscape of this stump house … not quite a quiet hibernation but a protected, joyful place … the heart of the matter … muriel


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