Ghost of Christmas

powdered graphite, PearlEx Pigments, matte medium, collage, etc on w/c paper, 10 X 10″

A brief jaunt into the macabre for these days of waning light.  She drips icy snow, gazing back in time while pointing a gnarly finger threateningly at the future.  She visits Scrooge on the eve of his spectacular rebirth into the spirit of Christmas.  Don’t we all shiver and shake just a bit at this time of year, trying to stay warm, to head off the colds and flu, to adjust to more family density or memories of a time when there was a bit more holiday perfection?

My home is full to the bursting now, with only two more residents, but big hungry home from college guys who descend on a breakfast of bacon and sausage and 4 eggs each as though they were farm hands about to head out to slop the pigs and milk the cows in below freezing weather.  Instead they set up their link to their worlds on the counter – side by side, two laptops taking turns sharing music, Facebooking, checking grades and more.  Later the bar bells start clanking.  And so the empty nest is filled. We got so quickly used to the quiet routine of a middle aged couple. . .but this is more fun.



  1. (THis comment from Muriel) i need some clues on including negative space like you have done here on the lower left … it’s effective …
    not sure if the smiling ghost is shaking her fist or her finger is inviting us to take a risk with her … muriel


    1. Not sure if this is what you’re asking, but on the left I painted the green around the hand and head to define the shapes which I had seen appear in the original graphite abstract.

      I’ll vote for the invite to take a risk, although some days this would seem more ominous. . .


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