Wild Horses

ink and acrylic on w/c paper, 10 X 10″

Time to paint something other than birds for a while.  Horses!  Can there possibly be a more elegant, romantic, enthralling subject to draw and paint than a wild horse?! I’ve been stewing myself in horse images lately and listening to “Wild Horses” sung by Natasha Bedingfield and getting swept away.  Never had a horse of my own, and even the ones that used to graze in the pasture at the foot of my street are no longer there.  But doesn’t seem to matter to the inner artist who just knows what she wants.  So please point me to any images, poetry, videos, paintings related to wild horses and I’ll gobble them up!  The birds are still flying around there somewhere, but they may be landing on the back of a horse.



  1. Susan, go over to the Website of the National Museum of the American Indian. There’s an exhibit with images online about the horse. http://www.nmai.si.edu/ Click on menu items at top of page “A Song for the Horse Nation”. Artwork is beautiful.

    Can’t wait to see what comes from you with this subject.


    1. Thanks Maureen! I checked it out. That’s an absolutely fabulous museum in D.C., which I visited a couple years ago. Have you read “One Thousand White Women: The Journals of May Dodd” by Jim Fergus, an thoroughly readable historical novel set in 1875 among the Cheyenne nation. I read it recently. Maybe that’s where the idea of painting horses came from. . .hmmm.


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