Mellow Out

ink, acrylic, collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Mellow out, calm down and take a chill pill.  Always a good piece of advice for the month of December.  Think bears snuggling into their hibernation spots, wherever they are.  Think root soups and hot chocolate and wood fires and all that Christmas rush stuff will take care of itself.  I tried a bit of shopping today.  I’m no good at it.  Department stores are my downfall with all those racks placed right in your way, like an enchanted maze that siphons off energy and replaces it with confusion. I wandered in circles until I’d run out of time and with great relief found my way to the exit.



  1. Exactually! Did you know there are people who’s job it is to make stores just that way? Not the crazy part but the way they just suck you in while you buy-buy-buy. My sister and I have techniques to keep it from getting too overwhelming. Great piece!


  2. I have had near-panic attacks in department stores for years. The way they want you to want everything… a mad devil’s carnival of whirling desire mixed with inadequacy, because you never are as rich or beautiful as the other shoppers or the mannequins…. a bad dream. Now I can go into department stores, but it still gets real dicey at times. Your “chill out” was apt. With holidays and travel coming up, I’m frazzled. Can’t wait to get on that airplane.


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