ink, acrylic, collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Whomsy is Whimsy’s friend, invented  in Saturday’s Muse Group as I was starting to demonstrate a way to begin a piece by writing with diluted India ink applied with a dropper.  I asked for a word and one of the students volunteered “whimsy”.  That made it more fun, more like a group project, like friends playing, cutting out paper dolls together and giving them names.  So the colors that came next had to be happy ones, and after that the piece seemed done.

ink and acrylic

The next day the same demonstration (of starting by writing with an ink dropper) featured the word enchante (French).

Enchanted friends, mes amis, they dive fearlessly into the swirling blue waters, carrying their loveliness with them, their serenity, their ease, and the bubbles/jewels/riches/wealth simply rise up to meet them, support them, nourish and carress them.  They know enchantment.

Do you think they’ll share?  Isn’t that what friends are for?  To be the grace we seek?  To hand it over to us all fragrant and ready to apply, a perfume, an elixir,  a new coast of many colours, a pair of binoculars to better see the opera of life from the little box where we sit?


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