How A Dreamer Stays Fit

acrylic, image transfer and collage on w/c paper 10 X 11″

So I’m a dreamer, so what. At least I’m a dreamer “con passione”.  I move to the drum beat, not sure where the next step might lead, losing feathers along the way. But there, the music breaks up and a trap door opens, sending me down a chute.  I scramble back up the ladder with the broken slats.  This life is not nearly perfect.  It’s littered with unfinished business, baited traps, and slippery slopes.  Just what a dreamer “con passione” needs to stay fit.

The real story here is that I had just admitted to the Muse Group that I was a bit of a dreamer (as opposed to one of those scientific mind types).  As I was about to show them how to use paper textures (on the above piece) one of them handed me this piece of paper she had picked up off the floor.  It said “A dreamer” on it. It just seemed to appear out of thin air, and we all giggled nervously.

So I glued it on and the rest of the meaning came later.  You can’t allow dreamers to get too comfortable.  They need to be pushed down those slippery slopes to stay in shape.



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