The Last of the Thanksgiving Sketches

I would need a shoe horn to try to pry my son apart from his computer.  But why bother when he offers a motionless pose for sketching.  Andrew is an artist too, so when I finished him, he started in on me.  I’m not sure if it’s finished, so I better not show his sketch here.  I think I made him look too young in this drawing. . .he’s 19 now and 6’1″, not my little boy any more.

No one was immune to my quick sketches while we were doing the pre-feasting visiting, except the cook Bob who was clattering away in the kitchen.  My mom was in her spot on the sofa and soon leaning into her grandson for a look at his computer.

None of these are what one would call likenesses, though I guess if you lined up the guests, you would know who is who in the drawings.  An Ipad joined the collection of computers around the coffee table and soon Laura was intently watched Jim’s sky diving video.

while Jim gave her a blow by blow account of what she was watching in disbelief.  I was in heaven having all these compliant models.  Not the kind of behavior one would expect from a hostess (they were my guests after all), but they had eats and drinks, and well, no one complained. . .



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