Thanksgiving Postscript

Sharpee pen and watercolor in Pentalic Nature Sketch book

Like I said. . .a few minutes to put the feet up, so why not draw them?

And then the corner of the dining room I can see from my favorite spot on the couch.

Meanwhile the dishes piled up in the kitchen as Bob outdid himself cooking the most scrumptious Thanksgiving feast!  Well, as predicted I didn’t get to sketch the turkey before it was carved, but maybe I’ll do a sketch from this picture I was able to grab.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with bountiful food and good company!



  1. You were in the lap of civilization, but Scott and I were in the wilds. A group of desert rats invited us to a scrumptious meal with a random group of friends and strangers. It felt like the hospitality of the Old West. Something about the sketch form is just so alive. I experimented with my box of colors and finally got that Daniel Smith travel brush we discussed. I’ll post an IHOP sketch or two!


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