Holiday Sketching

Sharpee pen and watercolor in Arches Travel Book

Thank goodness for students who remind me to go back to basics like drawing, which I love! Larry’s got that wonderful engineer’s mind that seeks order, precision, clarity, all these quite necessary in drawing practice.  So I let myself settle into detail here.  Betty Edwards (Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain) tells us that this absorption in the details of drawing is a sure sign we are accessing right hemispheric thinking.  And as Larry would say, this practice is a major mood lifter.

Which is why I love to sketch things around the house at holiday times when we are expected to be more sociable and upbeat and good natured, and right at the season when it gets cold and rainy and gray, and the usual routine is broken.  So to prevent my holiday grouchiness I sit and sketch.  Today in Larry’s lesson we were doing warm ups for this.

Precise Extra Fine Pilot pen which bleeds

Food.  Always a good subject to sketch.  I would love to draw the roasted turkey before it’s cut. . .but there’s always so many other things to get on the table, and getting the grandmothers seated, and drinks served, and (oops! there goes the grouchiness!)  But why not catch a few moments to sketch the appetizers on the coffee table?  Or the pie plate with one piece left in it. . .and some crumbs.  My mood lifts just thinking about it.  I think I’ll put my feet up and sketch them right now.



  1. I love your sunflower sketch! I would love to use it on thank you cards for a sunflower themed event we held. Would you give me permission to do so?
    Patty J


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