Cosmic Structures

“Precipice”, acrylic, citrasolved paper collage on w/c paper, 10 X 10″

on the precipice a swallowing up of the senses, a falling into, down onto, a steep and sudden sinking of all but the stomach which remains in place, reluntant to join in weightless surrender as the bowels of the earth are entered.

the rock cracks and fissures open.  a new life form emerges in mesmerizing patterned detail.  torrents of water abolish all forms below.  and still i have not stepped from the edge.

Lots of wild and wonderful paintings were born yesterday in the mixed media workshop in my studio! We experimented with applying layers of fluid acrylics combined with collage, back and forth, allowing subject matter to emerge.

“Cosmic Structures” 10 X 10″

The citrasolved papers are so rock-like, like the granite kitchen counter I had in my old house, and also cosmic, like craters on the moon or the planets.



  1. Amazing what effects you achieve with citrasolved papers. The yellow in the first is like a lava flow; the second image, so crater-like, resembles those recent Hi-RISE shots of the moon.


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