Bar Sketching

Sharpee pen and watercolor in Pentalic Nature Sketch book, 7 X 5″

I’ve done a lot of lunch and coffee shop sketching over the years, but I’m thinking that bar sketching might just be the ultimate experience for those of us who love to keep those pens moving.  Met my friend and fellow painter Suzanne Edminster at Underwoods in Graton yesterday for  a drink and one of those juicy art and life talks, accompanied by an oversized plate of cilantro lime flavored fries piled so high that we never made it through, even though we both stuffed ourselves (well, mainly me)  constantly for a half hour straight. We didn’t start sketching til the drinks had been consumed, which lubricated the process.  You can drink and eat while sketching, but for the moments while the pen is to paper I find that conversation needs to stop.  It’s that left brain to right brain shift, you know.  In the dim light of a bar it feels a bit more like adventure sketching and you’re not really sure what’s getting down on paper, which makes it more exciting somehow.

You can check out Suzanne’s cock – tail sketch too.  (She had a martini, but ate the olives before I got around to sketching!)



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